INFONETICS's mission is to provide businesses and organizations
with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to efficiently manage and
grow their business, through the implementation of technology,
best practice training and adoption, and ongoing support services

Serving independent welding supply and compressed gas distributors since 1984, INFONETICS has enjoyed a reputation of proactive engineering for their customers. Developments in cylinder serial number tracking, cylinder and merchandise barcode scanning at point of delivery and sale, integrated fax and emailing utilities, electronic catalogs, color laser printing, mobile computing solutions and Internet related products and services are just some of the technological advancements that over 300 independent distributors have had access to as INFONETICS customers.

Many of these features are integral to the various modules that make up the INFONETICS Information Management System and offer automation of all aspects of a welding supply and gas distribution business: Point of sale, inventory control and forecasting, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, payroll and industry-specific software such as cylinder control, serial number tracking, route scheduling and individual customer pricing schemes. To allow an INFONETICS customer to automate on as large or small a scale as is appropriate for them, these modules are available on a individual basis while retaining the option to add additional modules seamlessly, as needed later.

Founded on the Personal Computer platform, INFONETICS is the oldest, most experienced systems provider of PC based solutions to the welding supply and industrial gas industry. Operating on Red Hat Linux®, INFONETICS users enjoy a true multi-user, multi-tasking environment with full networking and VPN capabilities to 98/XP/Vista workstations with "point & click" and "copy & paste" functionality. And with the power afforded by the current generation of Intel processors, systems with over 200 devices (PCs, laptops, mobile tablet PCs and printers) run efficiently off a single dual processor PC server. But at the same time, cost effective solutions can be designed to accommodate the smallest of distributors operations.

INFONETICS customers were the first to enjoy electronic signature capture at point of sale eliminating the need to manually organize and file signed paper documents. Stored and retrieved digitally, signed electronic tickets can be reprinted or emailed at anytime. For tracking cylinders or other assets' serial numbers at the point of delivery, INFONETICS is the first to offer mobile broadband cellular tablet computers with Bluetooth. wireless barcode scanning capabilities for use in the field allowing drivers to conduct live point of delivery transactions. These transactions include digital signature capture which is embedded into the document permanently. With the ability to email the signed delivery ticket directly off the driver's tablet PC from the truck cab or customer's dock, INFONETICS provides the first truly paperless system for the industry.

But the innovation our customers have come to expect is not limited to technology. Unlike most computer systems providers, INFONETICS has no annual service contracts or monthly maintenance fees customers must buy. Instead, software and hardware support is available as needed and billed accordingly eliminating the need to buy rights to service that may never be needed.

INFONETICS enjoys a large market share of the American independent welding and compressed gas distributor base. INFONETICS is also privileged to be an approved technology provider to several industry buying groups. Through innovation, unparalleled service and support policies INFONETICS has been the popular choice for progressive gas and welding suppliers over 25 years.